About Us


The ‘Friends of St. Peter’s’ was formed in 1995 by two lady parishioners -Kathryn & Shirley - after they had attempted to clean-up the mess the pigeons had made in the ‘Tower’.  They realized that St. Peter's needed help that could not be provided in the foreseeable future because of financial restrictions.

Today, over 18 years later, the organization is thriving and has over the years provided almost £40,000 funding for many projects  that  just would not have otherwise been achieved. These funds cannot be raised without the help of people like you so we invite you to come along to our events. Perhaps you might even consider becoming a  'Friend of St. Peter's' 


The Friends have been able to pay for amongst other things, the installation of water to the church and the construction of  toilet and kitchen facilities.  The 'Friends' have funded - with the help of grants - the installation of a brand new heating system.    You don't need to be a member of the 'Friend' to come to an event, but if you are, there are benefits, like discount on entry to events, or a complimentary drink at coffee mornings etc.

Subscriptions are £5 per person per year.


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